the ServeSpeed App

Measuring your tennis serve speed


The idea for this App originated from the Tennis Warehouse Community where more than 750 people up voted for this App to be made.


This App has been created with dedication and passion to improve the most powerful skill a tennis player can have: 'the serve'. It uses advanced algorithms to calculate the speed. The calculation is based on the position from where the ball was hit 'till its landing location inside the service box. Holding in account the player's height and most important the travel time of the ball. Taking advantage of the iPhone's great camera, this App allows you to record your serve at 60 fps (frames per second) that provides the best precision possibly out there!
The speed can be calculated in both Mph and Km/h.

Using a simple 4 step intuitive interface, which includes the graphical representation of the court with a moving scale that will further enhance the precision of data entry, you can calculate the serve speed within seconds.

There's a free feature in this app which allows you to save your serve videos including the speed and date. This will help you to keep track of your serve's history, making it easier to review and compare them to your opponents.

Though it is the most accurate serve speed App out there our aim is to achieve 100% accuracy. Therefore, in future updates we are planning to use statistical data from real-life serves to further increase its accuracy. Please feel free to contact us for any comments or concerns regarding this App to help us reach our goal.